The WinterSafe Aerator

Did you know it can take years for a lake or pond to recover from a winter-kill event?

Were you aware that prevention of such events is possible through pre-emptive action?

Have you been hesitant to aerate in the winter because most aeration techniques leave ice open or weakened—effectively limiting winter recreational activities?

Did you know that AerationTech has promising winter-aeration techniques in development—ones that deliver needed oxygen without compromising the ice?

Interested in being a beta-test site for these new technologies?

winter aeration

Winter fish-kills can be devastating to a lake or a pond. The loss of the fishery is just the beginning of the harmful impacts of a winter fish-kill on an aquatic ecosystem. Just as importantly, as the dead fish decay and decompose, they release significant nutrients into the water body—setting the stage for harmful algal blooms and poor water quality.

While the best approach is prevention, aerating a lake or a pond in the winter months can significantly weaken the ice or leave large areas of open water. And that can limit—or eliminate—typical winter-recreation activities such as ice fishing, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling.

But, as noted above, AerationTech is currently developing winter-aeration technologies that can operate side-by-side with those winter activities.

Our “Best-of-Both-Worlds” Technology

We’re currently testing two different WinterSafe Technologies:

  • WinterSafe Side Stream: This technology involves continuously pulling low-dissolved-oxygen water from the lake or pond, injecting it with oxygen, and then pumping it back into the target treatment area to provide life-sustaining oxygen through the winter months.
  • WinterSafe Micro-Bubble:This technology involves the use of micro-bubble-generation technology that can efficiently introduce dissolved oxygen into the water at depth, without disturbing the surface and weakening the ice.

While, understandably, we need to proceed with caution, both technologies have shown great promise, and we’re seeking “next-phase” candidates. Contact us at if you have a winter-aeration application suitable for testing.

Stay tuned to our website and updates as we advance our testing to ensure the safety and efficacy of these breakthrough technologies.

Contact us at (269) 383-3400 or for expert guidance on selecting the right technology to restore your water body.