The PumpAerator

Already have water pumps or irrigation pumps in use on your water body?

Like the idea of using those pumps to pull water from one part of a water body and deliver aerated water wherever it’s needed—with minimal piping and configuration?

Have a golf course or residential development, and want to put your existing irrigation system to work aerating and improving the quality of your source-water ponds?

Are your stagnant, oxygen-deprived irrigation ponds causing a whole host of odor, turf and repair problems?

Stagnant, irrigation ponds can cause swamp-gas-type odors, foul your irrigation system, and cause serious turf problems. And that can mean unhappy residents and patrons, higher equipment repair costs, and increased pesticide and fertilizer use.

By circulating and aerating the source water around your irrigation intakes, you’ll dramatically improve water quality before it gets pulled into the irrigation system.

Enter the PumpAerator—using the industry’s most efficient and effective Venturi-aeration technology—which turns any water/irrigation pump into a high-efficiency aeration/circulation system. And it does it with minimal retrofitting—making it one of the most cost-effective ways to breathe new life into oxygen-depleted water bodies.

This setup can be used to turn ordinary lakefront irrigation systems—that pull water from the lake for watering lawns and flowerbeds—into powerful aerators that breathe new life into stagnant areas around docks, canals and channels.

The PumpAerator is also ideal for aquaculture and Aquaponics operations—often used to support the production in phyto and zooplankton pools, breeding pools, hatcheries, pre- fattening and fattening, and many others.

Summary of Ideal Applications

  • Golf courses and residential developments
  • Aquaculture and Aquaponics operations
  • Oxygen-deprived areas around docks, canals and channels

The PumpAerator can turn your water pumps into super-efficient aerators without the need for large capital investment or added energy costs. The Airigator setup is virtually maintenance-free.


  • Converts existing lakefront irrigation pumps into efficient aerators and circulators
  • Uses existing irrigation equipment to improve golf course and residential-irrigation source water
  • Turns water pumps from your aquaculture/aquaponics operation into a highly efficient aerator—with no additional energy costs or large equipment investment


The PumpAerator comes complete with a range of nozzles for optimizing oxygenation at different flow rates and pressures. Each unit can deliver dissolved oxygen with flows as low as 10 gpm and up to 40 gpm. For higher flow rates, multiple units can be deployed together and positioned in different areas of the water body to get dissolved oxygen right where you need it.

The PumpAerator can also be set up to use pure oxygen, ozone or even CO2 for biofuel applications. In addition, liquid treatment products can be fed through the PumpAerator-ensuring efficient mixing and distribution of the product in the water body.

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