Super Oxygen Saturation and Ozone Injection

Looking to areate/oxygenate a water body, but using atmospheric air just won’t be sufficient to get the job done?

Have a water body that needs a highly concentrated treatment?

Like the idea of an aeration approach that combines highly energy-efficient oxygenation with powerful oxidation of organic and inorganic pollutants?

Consider NeptuneCF from AerationTech...

The NeptuneCF is a breakthrough water-treatment technology, combining pure oxygen (O2) and Ozone (O3) generation with a proprietary cavitation process. The result? Super oxygen-saturation and ozonation.

The NeptuneCF pulls water from a waste stream or treatment zone of a lake, reservoir or wetland and uses an ozonation technology (also proprietary) to inject and supersaturate the treated water with pure oxygen and ozone.

Once delivered back into the target treatment zone, the treated water delivers a “cascading effect” that diffuses oxygen and ozone into a far greater volume of the treatment area.

Best Used For...

The NeptuneCF is ideal for a range of applications where aeration/oxygenation using atmospheric air is not sufficient or desired, and where the body of water needs highly concentrated treatment. Examples:

  • Wastewater applications, where the nature and concentration of pollutants in the waste stream require oxygenation and ozonation to treat out pollutants and meet compliance standards. Examples:
    • Diary, CAFO and hog-waste processing
    • Oil, gas and mining waste-stream processing
    • Contaminated marine ballast water
  • Wetland restoration: The goal is to increase the wetland’s filtration capability and its capacity to process nutrients and pollutants—even under severe nutrient- and pollutant-loading from urban or agricultural watersheds.
  • Processing of drinking water for human consumption—including as part of a desalination process.
  • Deep-water lake and reservoir oxygenation where you want to maintain thermal stratification, reduce both internal nutrient-loading and the release of iron, manganese and mercury from anoxic bottom waters.

In addition, there are many applications (i.e., reservoir restoration) where it makes sense to combine the NeptuneCF Technology with one or more complementary aeration technologies.

Working with AerationTech

AerationTech is partnered with Strategic Water Resources, developers of the NeptuneCF Technology. We’re bringing together SWR’s engineering and design expertise and our field-service capability, to deliver lasting results.

Contact us at (269) 383-3400 or for expert guidance on selecting the right technology to restore your water body.