Bottom Aeration 

Proven, Efficient Technology for Oxygenating Large Water Bodies

Are you the steward of a large water body—whether recreational lake, drinking-water-supply reservoir, aquaculture operation or waste-water treatment lagoon?

Looking for an aeration technology that can effectively replace both harmful herbicide or chemical treatments and costly dredging?

Want to naturally restore lake health, while sustainably solving weed, algae and muck problems on a lake-wide scale?

Familiar with Bottom Aeration—the aeration technology proven to be exceptionally effective at oxygenating large-water bodies?

Bottom Aeration is a specialized form of bottom-diffused aeration that effectively oxygenates large bodies of water—minus herbicides, chemicals or dredging.

Delivered in partnership with Lake Savers, LLC –, it’s the cornerstone of AerationTech’s Four Step Lake Renewal Program, and is revolutionizing the large-lake-restoration market.

The Lake Renewal Program uses

Bottom Aeration along with safe biological additives to bring lakes back to life, while tackling weed, algae and muck issues.

Bottom Aeration technology uses shore-based compressors and specialized micro-porous ceramic diffusers—connected by durable sinking airline—to fully circulate and oxygenate large water bodies at a fraction of the cost of alternative aeration technologies.

While current projects range from 50 acres to over 1000 acres, there’s virtually no size limit for the lake size. Additional information on

Bottom Aeration can be found at

Bottom Aeration is Ideally Suited for...

  • Large recreational lakes, where the goal is a natural approach to solving weed, algae and muck problems
  • Drinking-water-supply reservoirs to resolve both taste/odor problems due to manganese and iron concentrations in source water, and taste/health issues due to toxic algal blooms, geosmins and Trihalomethanes THMs
  • Large-scale aquaculture operations (especially where average depths are 5’ or greater) looking for an optimally effective and energy-efficient approach to aerating areas greater than 10 acres
  • Large wastewater-treatment lagoons, where, thanks to the technology’s oxygen-transfer efficiency, you can increase dissolved oxygen, reduce BOD and improve discharge-water quality while dramatically reducing energy and O & M costs

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Making it Easy to Work with AerationTech

Every Bottom Aeration System is custom-designed to meet the unique requirements of your large water body. And to further streamline the process for you, we’ve developed a simple process for both gathering the necessary information and developing a design and proposal for your project.

The design process typically takes 2–3 weeks and is normally done by phone and email.

Contact us at (269) 383-3400 or for expert guidance on selecting the right technology to restore your water body.