The AquaStream

Just want to move and circulate your body of water—either on the bottom or at the surface?

Are you a lakefront homeowner looking to keep your shorefronts clear of floating weeds and bottom muck?

Are you an aquaculture operator seeking increased circulation in stagnant coves and channels?

For simple water movement and circulation, turn to the AquaStream, which uses a submersible motor and propeller configuration to move high volumes of water—and with low energy consumption.

The AquaStream can be set at multiple depths and angles to deliver either aggressive bottom circulation or surface agitation. It can also be configured as a dock-mounted system with full 360-degree rotation.

In aquaculture operations, the AquaStream can be used to ensure uniform distribution of nutrients and oxygen—minimizing the mortality of plankton and aiding in the prevention of algal blooms.

Combine the AquaStream with the AirStream and Super AirStream for a complete oxygenation and circulation system.


  • Clear muck, weeds and algae from lakefronts, channels, canals and coves—without the need for harmful chemicals
  • Increase circulation in stagnant ponds, coves and channels
  • Increase circulation in aquaculture operations to maintain water quality

Product Configurations

AquaStream is available with power configurations from .5 HP to 2.5 HP. The .5 and 1-HP models can be set up for use with 110-volt power with a minimum 20-amp circuit.

Higher powered units will require 220-volt power and larger circuits.

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