The AirStream Pro

The Most Powerful Aerator/Circulator Available!

Jet Aeration AND High Volume Circulation in One Package

Are you a lakefront owner looking to reduce muck, weeds and algae around your shoreline—minus the harmful chemical herbicides?

Are you the steward of a marina, channel, cove, canal or bay where the water has stagnated from lack of circulation?

Looking for an aquaculture solution that’s easy to install, reliable and durable? And with a track record of hundreds of successful installations around the world boasting uninterrupted performance?

Looking for a waste water treatment solution that won’t break your budget and keep you in compliance?

Introducing the AirStream Pro, a breakthrough technology newly arrived in North America, and likely the most efficient and effective tool developed for simultaneously increasing dissolved oxygen and circulation in shallow water bodies.

How Does the Airstream Work?

Employing a revolutionary combination of micro-bubbles, jet aeration and horizontal circulation, the AirStream Pro draws large volumes of air from the surface through a high-speed underwater propeller. A second motor set up for high-volume circulation, distributes the oxygenated water over large areas.

AirStream Pro Underwater Cap

The result? Countless millions of microbubbles continuously mixed with thousands of gallons of water and circulated throughout the water body.

The AirStream Pro delivers exponential yields by increasing the volume of water flowing through the aeration stream. Contact and residence time of oxygen bubbles are increased, boosting oxygen-transfer rates up to 10 times more than conventional aeration technologies.

The Airstream Pro can be installed at different depths and angles, making it one the most versatile aeration/circulation tools on the market.

Core Applications

The Airstream Pro:

  • Delivers rapid muck reduction when placed close to the bottom in shallow, mucky areas.
  • Effectively reduces the phosphorus, nitrogen and carbon that lead to excessive weed and algae growth.
  • Is ideal for water-body owners looking to reduce muck, weeds and algae, and to reverse water stagnation in channels, coves and bays—without using harmful chemical herbicides.
  • Have a larger body of water? Use multiple Airstream Pro units, OR combine the Airstream with other technologies such as Bottom Aeration, to achieve full circulation and aeration.

Airstream Pro in Action

AirStream Pro Float Unit

AirStream Pro Dock Mount

AirStream Pro Models and Configurations

Model Electric Requirements HP Configuration Applications
AirStream Pro 15.10 230 Volt, 20 amp circuit (Three Phase Opition also available for commercial applications) Aerator – 1.5 hp Circulator – 1.0 hp Dock Mount or Float Mount Available Large Lakefronts, Covers, Channels, Canals, Aquaculture
AirStream Pro 50.10 115 Volt, 20 Amp Circuit Aerator – 1.0 hp Circulator – .5 hp Dock Mount of Float Mount Lakefronts, smaller channels and coves
AirStream Pro 201.15 230 Volt 30 Amp Circuit (Three phase option also available for commercial applications) Aerator – 1.5 HP up to 4 HP Circulator – 2.0 HP Float Mount Standard. Custom configurations available Large canals, coves, public beaches, large aquaculture, waste water treatment
AirStream Pro Dock Mount
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