The AirStream

Jet Aeration AND High Volume Circulation in One Package

For smaller applications where the power of the AirStream Pro is not needed, the AirStream fits the bill. Outfitted with a single aerating and circulating motor, this unit is perfect for smaller ponds, aquaculture raceways and small lakefront areas.

Airstream in Action

AirStream Models And Configurations

Model Electrical Requirement HP Configuration Applications
AirStream 230 230 Volt, 15-20 1.5 hp Dock Mount or Float Mount Available Ponds, Aquaculture
AirStream 115 115 Volt, 15-20 Amp Circuit 1.5 hp Dock Mount or Float Mount Lakefronts, smaller channels and coves
AirStream 300, 400 230 Volt 30 Amp Circuit (Three phase option also available for commercial applications) 3 or 4 hp Dock Mount or Float Mount Aquaculture, waste water
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