Common Water Body Problems:

Lily Pads

The Problem

Lily Pads are generally a beneficial plant to have in a pond — except when they grow so out of control that they take over the entire surface. Lily pads can get out of control for one simple reason – muck on the bottom. Lily pad roots or tubers are tremendously effective at pulling nutrients from bottom sediments – and they love mucky bottoms!

Lily Pad Reduction Success Stories

AirStream Technology, the Natural Way to Reclaim Your Lakefront

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Solving Lakefront Weed, Algae and Muck Problems

The Challenge

Lots of Muck, excessive lily pads and milfoil -- not uncommon for many lakefront properties. Cutting weeds or dowsing them with chemicals is at best a temporary band-aid to a deeper problem. A Southwest Michigan Lakefront owner was looking for an alternative to clear up over a foot of organic muck on his shoreline that was feeding excessive weed growth making it difficult to swim and get the boat in and out.

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The AerationTech Solution

By solving the muck problem with a combination of aeration and biological treatment, we can solve a lily pad problem. However, the process can take multiple seasons and often it makes sense to speed the process along with by harvesting or a one-time herbicide treatment.

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