Common Water Body Problems:

Blue Green Algae (Cyanobacteria)

The Problem

Blue green algae are single celled organisms that can turn a water body pea soup green. Under the right conditions, harmful blooms of blue green algae can release powerful toxins that can make pets and people sick. Even worse, there are multiple studies that show that long term exposure to blue-green algae in neighborhood ponds or lakes can cause serious respiratory and neurological problems.

The AerationTech Solution

Blue-Green algae hates circulation. Our combination of aggressive aeration and circulation combined with the right Biological Treatment program can make quick work of clearing a pond of this dangerous scourge.

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Blue Green Algae Success Stories

Clearing Up a Drinking-Water Problem

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Bear Gulch Reservoir, Atherton California

The Challenge

Customers of California Water Service Company were complaining of a foul, musty taste to the drinking water coming from Bear Gulch Reservoir in Atherton, California.

The problem was clear (even if the water wasn’t): Harmful blue-green algae growth and excessive organic compounds—caused by years of fertilizer runoff and nutrient loading—were fouling this beautiful water body in the heart of Silicon Valley. Even after treatment in the water plant, these organic components can produce by-products that leave water tasting bad.

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