Clearing Up a Drinking-Water Problem

Posted Tuesday, June 02, 2015 | Comments (0)

Bear Gulch Reservoir, Atherton California

The Challenge

Customers of California Water Service Company were complaining of a foul, musty taste to the drinking water coming from Bear Gulch Reservoir in Atherton, California.

The problem was clear (even if the water wasn’t): Harmful blue-green algae growth and excessive organic compounds—caused by years of fertilizer runoff and nutrient loading—were fouling this beautiful water body in the heart of Silicon Valley. Even after treatment in the water plant, these organic components can produce by-products that leave water tasting bad.

The Solution

Through our partner company, Lake Savers, we installed a Bottom Aeration system in the reservoir to reduce organics and increase dissolved oxygen. In addition, “beneficial bacteria” as well as Bio-Boost—our proven habitat-enhancing, water-cleaning product—was added to rebalance the ecosystem.

Within a few months, organic compounds as well as taste and odor issues, were reduced. However, thanks to unusually heavy rains that dramatically increased the infiltration of phosphorus from the watershed, blue-green algae remained a big problem. Needing fast results to prevent clogging of the intake, California Water turned to copper sulfate treatment.

The Results

After two copper sulfate treatments delivered minimal results, we suggested a new product—NutriZorb—our breakthrough water-body-restoration product. Within 30 days, the algae were largely gone, and water clarity had increased from barely 2 feet to more than 12 feet. The Cyanowatch monitoring system registered an average 68% reduction in blue-green algae in 30 days.

The Feedback

Operators report that they can’t recall a time when the water in the reservoir was as clear as it’s remained since the NutriZorb treatment. Thanks to AerationTech’s integrated Lake Renewal program, Bear Gulch Reservoir has never been healthier.


What’s Your Water-Body Challenge?

With the continued severe drought conditions across the State, more and more California water supply reservoirs are facing water quality problems caused by increased concentration of nutrients and harmful algae blooms.

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