Biological Treatment

Putting Nature to Work to Accelerate Results

Without proper aeration and circulation, your water body has virtually no chance to remain healthy and problem free. However, aeration and circulation alone often are not enough to bring a distressed water body back to life.

Oxygenation and circulation set the stage for putting Nature’s best cleaners to work to accelerate the reduction of pollutants and nutrient loads that are the root cause of problems in distressed water bodies.

There are hundreds of “miracle cure” biological products for cleaning water bodies on the market today. Don’t fall for the hype. Getting the right biological balance and keeping your water body free of weeds, algae and muck takes knowledge and experience.

At AerationTech we have developed and sourced the most effective suite of Biological Treatment Products available. But it is not just about having good products – it’s about putting the right combination of products to work in your water body.

Put our knowledge to work for your water body. We offer no-cost consultations water sample testing services to help you get it right. Learn more about our unique suite of products below.

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NutriZorb is a breakthrough product for reducing the fertilizers and nutrients that turn water bodies green with weeds and algae. Natural, non-toxic and much less expensive than alum or phoslock, NutriZorb has become our “go-to” product for cleaning up problem water bodies. Learn more

Beneficial Bacteria & Enzyme Treatment

There are many, many bacteria and enzyme formulations available for treating water. At AerationTech, third-party testing has definitively proven that the formulations we use—when combined with effective aeration and circulation—will accelerate organic muck and sludge reduction. Learn more

Bio-Boost Diatom Regeneration

Diatoms, a type of algae, are one of nature’s most effective water cleaners. They are also the most desirable feedstock at the base of the fish-food chain. Bio-Boost is a non-toxic, micro-nutrient formulation proven to stimulate diatom production. More diatoms equals cleaner water, bigger fish and a healthier water body. Learn more

Nutrient Filtration Barriers

Filtration barriers are an economical approach for reducing sedimentation and nutrient loading emanating from flowing drains, creeks and small rivers, and ending up in your water body. Each application is engineered to ensure the barriers will hold up during high-flow events while simultaneously avoiding upstream flooding.

We’ve seen sedimentation reductions of up to 80% and nutrient reductions greater than 40%—and for a fraction of the cost of conventional watershed-mitigation strategies. Learn more

Aqua Nest Fish Structure

Our Aqua Nest fish structure delivers two positive outcomes: It provides habitat and food for fish while it filters the water of nutrients. Aqua Nests are good for your water body, good for the fish and good for fisherman! Learn more