The fertilizers that make our grass green and grow our crops have the same effect on our water bodies—turning them green while degrading the water quality. The only way to sustainably improve your water body is to reduce these nutrients (fertilizers).


Unfortunately, until now, reducing the nutrients that quickly destroy water quality has been both prohibitively expensive and largely ineffective.

NutriZorb™ is a breakthrough in water-body-restoration technology, delivering rapid reductions in phosphorus and nitrogen at a fraction of the cost of alum treatment or Phoslock. NutriZorb is a proprietary blend of a natural mineral formulation and an activated carbon that can be applied to any water body in either filter bags or as a powder/slurry applied directly into the water.

Unique Advantages

  • NutriZorb chemically and electrically draws in phosphorus and nitrogen into its pore structure, effectively removing fertilizers from the water.
  • Unlike Alum or Phoslock, NutriZorb never loses its capacity to absorb nutrients. Its unique pore structure allows beneficial organisms to clean out the trapped nutrients, enabling continuous and ongoing filtration and water-body improvement.
  • Nutrizorb is all-natural and non-toxic.

Does it Work?

After testing NutriZorb for more than a year on a variety of water bodies around the United States, here’s a sampling of our results:

  • „ Two half-acre ponds (Eastern U.S.): Phosphorous reduced by more than 50% in 60 days.
  • „ Two-acre pond (Midwestern U.S.): Water clarity improved from 4 feet to more than 10 feet—just 21 days after NutriZorb application.
  • „ 25-acre drinking-water reservoir (Western U.S.): Water clarity improved by more than ten feet, and phosphorous reduced by more than 30% in less than 30 days. 


While the right NutriZorb dosing level depends on the condition of your water body, most distressed water bodies see resolution with dosing rates ranging from $150 to $300 per acre treated.

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