Nutrient Filtration Barriers

Impressive Results at a Fraction of Convential Costs

Drains, creeks and inlets that flow through highly fertilized watershed areas can cause major headaches—dumping nutrient- and fertizer-rich effluent into your water body. In some cases, overgrowth situations can persist, despite optimal aeration and biological treatment.

nutrient barrier inlet

In such problem scenarios, the culprit is almost always a problem inlet, drain creek or small river. A single large rain event can undo months of benefit from a well-designed aeration and biological-treatment program.

Affordable solutions to these problems just haven’t existed…until now. Introducing our Nutrient Filtration Barrier Technology: proven effective, easy to install and best of all, affordable.

These barriers are designed to let water through while stopping the sediments and nutrients that show up as brown plumes of water flowing into the lake during a rain event.

Made of durable permeable geotextile material, these barriers are custom designed for each application to ensure adequate water flow while significantly reducing both sedimentation and the infiltration of dissolved nutrients into the main water body. The barriers are durable and capable of handling heavy rain events, and even over-wintering—without suffering damage from cold and ice.

Nutrient Filtration Barriers are often used in conjunction with NutriZorb in what we call our “Trap & Treat” Strategy.

nutrient barrier

Applications and Results

  • „A 400-acre Midwest Lake was experiencing significant phosphorus and sediment loading from a problem inlet. A three-barrier system was implemented along with a NutriZorb treatment. The brown plumes of sediment that once flowed into the lake during a rain event were eliminated, and the phosphorus inputs into the lake were reduced by 40%. Total cost of the project was just under $8,000. By contrast, the estimated cost to create a conventional retention basin for the drain entering the inlet was more than $100,000.
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  • „During rain events, an estate property was experiencing large influxes of duckweed and water meal from a neighboring property. The two would inevitably collect right at the beach and swim area of the small lake, making those areas virtually unusable for weeks at a time. Filtration barriers were installed on two inlets entering the lake, trapping the duckweed and water meal, and preventing fouling of the beach area.


Nutrient Filtration Barriers are custom designed for each project. Typically, we can solve sedimentation and nutrient loading problems for 1/10th the cost (or less) of conventional methods.

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