Whole Lake Restoration

The Chemical-Free Path to Restoring Lake Health and Solving Weed, Algae and Muck Problems

A few facts about chemical approaches to lake management:

  • Killing weeds and algae annually virtually guarantees the decline of your lake’s health and a worsening of your weed and algae problems.
  • The by-product of yearly weed/algae kills is a “compost pile” of dead plant material that becomes nutrient-rich muck at the bottom of the lake.
  • That “muck” fuels even more aggressive weed and algae growth the following season.
  • There is mounting evidence that aquatic weeds and algae are building resistance to chemical treatment—requiring increasingly higher doses that are less effective.
  • Dead weeds and algae killed by herbicides sink to the bottom, consuming all the available oxygen, and setting up a self-perpetuating cycle of declining lake health, water quality and fishery health.

While for decades, “lake management” meant repeated treatments with harsh chemical herbicides and algaecides to control weeds and algae, more lake communities are realizing that this approach is a losing battle.

They’re discovering that sustained chemical treatment of a lake guarantees rising costs, diminishing results and declining lake health. It makes little sense to spend money to make your lake less healthy and virtually guarantee a worse problem the next year.

AerationTech offers a better solution...

Renewing Lake Ecosystems—Naturally

Through our partner company Lake Savers, we’ve developed a natural, sustainable process for eliminating weed, algae and muck.

The key? Addressing the root cause of the problem: Nutrient overloading.

The same fertilizers used to grow crops and green lawns turn lakes green with excess weeds and algae. Simply put, successful lake management comes down to one thing: Nutrient reduction.

The root causes of weed, algae and muck problems are

  • The pile of nutrients accumulated in the lake bottom, and...
  • Fertilizers washed into the lake every time it rains

At AerationTech, we’ve developed the Four-Step Natural Lake Renewal Process that attacks nutrient overloading. The process...

  • Reduces the compost pile at the lake bottom
  • Prevents new pollutants from reaching the lake
  • Combines Bottom Aeration and biological treatment, allowing us to naturally reduce weeds, algae and muck in lakes ranging from 50 to 500 acres.
  • Results in a measurably healthier lake ecosystem.
  • Includes a custom-engineered system to meet your lake’s unique requirements.
  • Typically costs between $450 and $650 per year per property owner on an annual basis for a normally developed lake.

While this approach is more than a typical herbicide or harvesting program, it’s far less expensive than alum programs or dredging. Most importantly, it delivers health benefits to the lake unmatched by herbicides and algaecides.

Please visit our partner website www.lake-savers.com for more information on our unique approach to lake restoration.

Contact us at (269) 383-3400 or info@aerationtech.com for expert guidance on selecting the right technology to restore your water body.