Preventing Fish Kills

Fishery Improvement and Protection

Concerned about weed and algae overgrowth causing fish-kills in your water body?

Has your water body experienced a previous winter kill? (It’ll likely happen again…)

Did you know that the vast majority of fish-kill events are caused by oxygen depletion?

Were you aware that fish kills are easily preventable with pre-emptive action?

Few things are more disheartening to a lakeside community than a major fish-kill; the smell becomes an indelible memory, and the ecosystem is devastated. But fish-kills don’t have to happen...

Like any living thing, fish need oxygen. Unfortunately, thanks to “nutrient-loading”—which boosts weed and algae growth—oxygen demand in most waterways increases faster than oxygen supply.

AerationTech offers a wide range of solutions for preventing fish-kills by increasing and maintaining dissolved oxygen—from small, portable units that can be placed near the shoreline, to deep water oxygen-injection and whole-water-body aeration systems.

Winter Fish Kills

Long, severe winters with thick ice cover are a prescription for a winter fish-kill event. While not all lakes and ponds are susceptible, if it’s happened once, it’ll likely happen again.

Concerned about winter kills, but want to avoid open and unsafe ice conditions? No problem. Our WinterSafe Technology can oxygenate in deep water without weakening the ice above.

Summer Fish Kills

Did you know that a water body plagued by persistent algae blooms and choking weed growth, is just a few warm days away from a summer fish-kill event?

Summer kills occur when algae and weed growth are high and temperatures rise. While plants and algae give off oxygen during the day, they consume it at night. Combine heavy growth, temperatures in the 90’s, and no wind and you’ve got a recipe for dangerous oxygen depletion—with fish gasping for air at the surface!

Eutrophic and hypereutorphic water bodies (i.e., those with high nutrient levels from agricultural runoff) also present fertile breeding grounds for summer fish-kills.

Go-To Products for Preventing Fish Kill

The AirStream and The AirStream Pro – Simply the most efficient aerator/circulators in the world. Hundreds are currently deployed in aquaculture operations around the world. Easy to install and maintain, these units have successfully prevented summer kills on most water bodies.

WinterSafe Aerator – This technology is designed to increase dissolved oxygen without weakening the ice above. It’s also ideal for increasing oxygen in deep water, without raising water temperatures.

The PumpAerator – Turn any water pump into a high-efficiency aerator. You add oxygen to your water body, without increasing equipment or energy costs.

The NeptuneCF – For specialty applications where ozonation and super oxygen saturation are required, the NeptuneCF delivers state-of-the art cost efficiency and reliability.

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