Pond Restoration

Bringing Struggling Ponds Back to Life

pond restoration

It doesn’t get much better than having a pond in your back yard.

Unfortunately, as you’ve no doubt discovered, that “dream amenity” can quickly turn into a nightmare if it gets overrun with weeds, algae and muck. In extreme cases of stagnation and weed/algae overgrowth, a pond can turn into a smelly eyesore, becoming a liability to both your quality of life and property value.

A few facts about ponds:

  • Ponds are particularly susceptible to weed and algae overgrowth and can be exceptionally challenging to restore to a healthy and beautiful condition.
  • Lawns around ponds are often heavily fertilized. The same fertilizers used to grow green lawns and ornamental flowers feed weeds and algae in your pond.
  • Ponds are often used to capture storm water runoff, bringing—often from far away—high volumes of unwanted pollutants and fertilizers.
  • Ponds often suffer from poor circulation and inadequate dissolved oxygen, which, together, encourage the growth of surface algae, blue-green algae and duckweed.
pond restoration

The Prescription for Ailing Ponds

The first step in restoring an ailing water body is to get it “breathing" again with circulation and oxygenation. However, highly distressed scenarios often require more than just an aeration system. in those cases, we offer a complete program for seriously ailing lakes, ponds and reservoirs—from designing and sizing the right aeration/circulation technologies and developing a comprehensive biological-treatment program, to accelerating the processing of the high volumes of pollutants and fertilizers that are at the root of the problem.

Go To Products for Ailing Ponds

The AirSteam and The Airstream Pro - These technologies provide the ideal combination of aeration and circulation for most ponds. Best of all? Installation is a breeze, and they plug directly into outdoor power outlets.

Bottom Aeration – For larger ponds, we often combine the AirStream Technology with Bottom Aeration. This offers more effective treatment over larger areas while still providing aggressive horizontal circulation and accelerated muck reduction in problem areas.

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Biological Treatment – Most ponds require an ongoing program of Biological Treatment. Let us help you select the right combination of products, given your specific pond-related challenges.

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Contact us at (269) 383-3400 or info@aerationtech.com for expert guidance on selecting the right technology to restore your water body.