Marinas, Coves, Canals and Channels

Revitalizing Stagnant Marinas, Coves, Canals and Channels

Is your marina, cove, canal or channel struggling to stay clean, thanks to high levels of nutrients and polluting runoff from the surrounding land?

Are these pollutants starting to build up in “dead end” areas due to inadequate circulation, and spawning serious weed, algae and muck problems?

Has it gotten to the point where the water’s become so stagnant, it’s starting to smell like a sewer?

FACT: Water needs to keep moving to stay clean and healthy. At AerationTech, we have the tools to efficiently and effectively circulate and aerate water in stagnant marinas, coves canals and channels.

Addressing the challenges of severe stagnation, weed/algae overgrowth, muck and odor starts with getting the water oxygenated and moving again. Circulation and aeration breaks up surface scums and algae mats, reduces the blue-green algae—the stuff that turns the water pea-soup green—eliminates odor, and can even reduce organic muck on the bottom.

The result? These important navigation areas actually become deeper over time—without dredging.

Go-To Products for Marinas, Coves Canals and Channels

The Airstream Pro Aerator/Circulator – The AirStream Pro is the most powerful aerator/circulator available on the market today. It’s the ideal solution for commercial marinas or lake communities looking to restore stagnant coves and channels.

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The Aquastream Pro Aerator/Circulator – Looking for maximum circulation? The AquaStream Pro delivers the highest level of horizontal circulation and flow.

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Bottom Aeration  – For larger areas, Bottom Aeration technology delivers highly efficient aeration and can be combined with the AirStream or AquaStream technologies for even more impressive results.

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Biological Treatment – Has the stagnation of your marina, cove, canal or channel reached critical levels? Accelerate your results with Biological Treatment. Let us design a program to meet your specific challenges.

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