Lakefront Improvement

Improving Your Lakefront Swimming Area – the Natural Way

recreational lake aeration

Dream of having a clean, healthy and chemical-free swim area?

Are weeds, algae and muck plaguing the water body by your lakefront property?

Tired of stepping in—or swimming through—gooey muck?

Hesitant to use harmful herbicides and chemicals?

Trying to avoid—at all costs—the back-breaking process of cutting, raking and hauling?

Want a better way?

Turn to AerationTech, and their powerful combination of aeration and circulation. You’ll get a clean and healthy lakefront, and you’ll do it by attacking the root cause of excess growth and poor water quality: the layer of organic muck at the bottom.

Ever seen a compost pile? That’s exactly what this mucky bottom material is like, and it continuously feeds excess weed and algae growth. And consider this...

Treating the problem with harmful chemicals or cutting and hauling weeds does nothing to solve the long-term problem.

recreational lake aeration

Proper aeration and circulation around your lakefront is the answer. Here’s why…

  • Aggressive circulation and aeration of your lake bottom will foster the growth of beneficial, oxygen-loving bacteria that love eating the organic compost. And given the right aerator/circulator, reductions of 4–8 inches in as little as 6 weeks are common.
  • Many types of lake-growing weeds hate moving water. Circulating and aerating around your lakefront disrupts and retards weed growth.
  • Aeration and circulation effectively breaks up surface-algae mats and clears blue-green algae (the kind that turns the water pea-soup green) on your lakefront.

Adding aeration to your shoreline—while not an “overnight” solution—will predictably deliver sustainable and substantial reductions in weeds, algae and muck. Say hello to that clean, healthy and chemical-free swim area of your dreams!

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The AirStream Aerator/Circulator – THE #1 recommended technology—by far—for lakefront improvement. Available as a floating or dock-mounted unit, the Airstream delivers the most powerful and affordable combination of aeration and circulation.

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The Airstream Pro Aerator/Circulator – Need more power to treat more lakefront? The Airstream Pro delivers the same potent blend of circulation and aeration as the AirStream, but does it over a larger area.

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Biological Treatment – Want to speed up the process? Our C-Flo Beneficial Bacteria dramatically accelerates muck reduction when used with the AirStream aerators.

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Contact us at (269) 383-3400 or for expert guidance on selecting the right technology to restore your water body.

Looking for powerful circulation only? Take a look at The AquaStream and the AquaStream Pro – the most versatile circulators on the market.