Golf Course Management

Turf & Water-Quality Improvement That’s “Dead Solid Perfect”!

FACT: Poor quality irrigation water (very common) damages turf and can generate a foul odor during irrigation—not something you want patrons to experience!

FACT: Irrigation water low in oxygen and high in anaerobic bacteria and toxic blue green algae weakens root systems and makes turf more susceptible to pests and disease.

FACT: Damaged, weakened turf leads to increased pesticide/fertilizer use and over-watering. This chemical-nutrient mix flows into your irrigation ponds, further worsening water quality in a vicious, self-perpetuating cycle.

AerationTech can help break the cycle by improving the quality of your irrigation water, and with minimal added cost and maintenance to your existing irrigation system. With our AiriGator Technology, you can count on less fouling and scaling, fewer repairs and lower maintenance costs.

What’s more, we offer a complete solution for managing your course’s water features—a solution that yields improved water quality and aesthetics, while meeting ever-increasing water-quality standards.

True “Water Hazards”

Golf course properties are under increasing pressure to manage water quality and limit phosphorus, nitrogen and pesticide runoff. Not to mention that weed-choked, algae-ridden water features detract from the course design and golfing experience. Turn to AerationTech for solutions to water-quality and weed/algae issues while reducing—or eliminating—the need for chemical treatment.

Go-To Products for Golf Course Turf and Water Management

The PumpAerator Looking to improve the quality of your irrigation water? Our Airigator Technology can be retrofitted to your existing irrigation equipment—easily and cost-effectively.

The AirStream and AirStream ProThese two powerhouse aerator/circulators are the most efficient and effective technology for keeping golf course water features clean and healthy. The best part? They’re easy to install and virtually maintenance-free.

Biological Treatment – By combining aeration and circulation with a custom-designed Biological Treatment program we can reduce or eliminate the need for harmful herbicide and algaecide treatment for your water features.

Contact us at (269) 383-3400 or for expert guidance on selecting the right technology to restore your water body.

We can put your facility on a path to more natural, sustainable and cost-effective turf and water management.