Drinking-Water-Supply Reservoirs

Cleaner Reservoir Water = Lower Water-Processing Costs

Solve Taste and Odor and Safety Issues—Naturally and Cost-Effectively

In many ways, a reservoir is a body of water like any other. And at AerationTech, we know our way around water bodies, and what it takes to make—and keep—them clean, clear and healthy. In fact, AerationTech, working with our partner, Lake Savers, has directly managed the aeration of more lakes, reservoirs and ponds than any other organization in North America.

Moreover, we’ve successfully helped water utilities across the United States and Puerto Rico eliminate taste and odor problems by treating the water in the reservoir before it gets to the treatment plant.

We have successfully eliminated taste and order problems caused by:

  • High manganese and iron concentrations, and…
  • Geosmins and trihalomethanes (generated by excessive organic compounds and algal blooms in the source-water reservoir)

Let’s look at each of these challenges individually…

Solving Manganese and Iron Problems with Bottom Aeration 

If you can increase the levels of dissolved oxygen at the bottom of the source-water reservoir, you’ll predictably stop the release of manganese and iron from the sediments. Using our Bottom Aeration Technology, we have reduced manganese and iron levels in multiple water-supply reservoirs to “non-detect” or near non-detect levels in 3 – 6 months after installation.

This, in turn, eliminates the need to “treat out” these compounds from the raw water in the treatment plant, yielding significant savings in water-treatment costs. Data from our customer installation shows that the cost of taking these preventive measures in the source-water reservoir, is less than 20% of the expense of treating out the manganese in the water plant—and it delivers a better result.

Our systems are custom-engineered for each project, based on water-body size, volume and withdrawal data.

Solving Taste, Odor and Safety Issues Caused by Organic Compounds and Algae Blooms

Harmful algal blooms are reaching crisis levels in drinking-water-supply reservoirs, and they’re the root cause of the geosmin and trihalomehtane compounds that produce a musty or “earthy” taste and odor in finished water.

In extreme cases, harmful algal blooms can produce toxins that overwhelm the treatment system and lead to shutdowns like the one in 2014 in Toledo, Ohio that impacted over 400,000 people. Given the impact of drought conditions, increased watershed loading and sedimentation, these problems will no doubt worsen over time.

Counterproductive Treatments

Treating algal blooms with algaecides, while a common approach, is not the solution. By killing the algae in the source water, you create more of the organic compounds that lead to musty-tasting water. Even worse, repeated algaecide treatment can exacerbate the release of algae toxins.

A Better Way…

AerationTech offers an integrated approach of Bottom Aeration, Biological Treatment and Nutrient Filtration to deliver a more effective, sustainable outcome: preventing harmful algae blooms, and improving the taste and safety of the water delivered to your customers.

Our three-pronged approach attacks the root cause of algal production in water bodies by reducing the nutrients that fuel harmful blooms:

  1. Oxygenating the reservoir top to bottom prevents “internal loading”—the release of nutrients from the sediments. Studies show that in many reservoirs, internal nutrient-loading accounts for up to 60% of the annual nutrient budget driving algal growth. As oxygenation reduces that figure, by definition, you also reduce water-treatment costs.
  2. Biological treatment accelerates the processing and transfer of nutrients into the fish-food chain and away from feeding the growth of algae.
  3. Nutrient filtration can prevent fertilizers from ever reaching the reservoir, effectively reducing harmful external loading from watershed sources.
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