Improving Aquaculture Yield and Efficiency

For aquaculture operators, the goal is simple: Create the most productive, healthy aquatic environment while keeping operating costs under control.


In the aquaculture arena, concepts such as aeration, circulation and off-gassing (of the by-products of respiration) are well known. Yet, the key question is...

How effective is your current circulation/aeration system?

Paddlewheels and Other Surface Aerators: The Downsides

While surface aerators can effectively reduce or prevent the mortality of stressed stocks, they do little to prevent stress conditions from developing in the first place.

  • Fact: Most pathogenic bacteria and viruses develop and propagate in or near the bottom sediments where nutrients are high and oxygen is low.
  • Fact: The highest Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) and Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) are at the bottom. As such, aerating only the surface is like spray-painting over a rusty car: It may look good, but you haven’t addressed the underlying problem.
  • Fact: Algal blooms and many other water-quality issues are fueled by the nutrient loads that accumulate in the bottom sediments. Proper aeration all the way to the sediment boundary converts nitrogen and reduces phosphorus loading. The result is cleaner, healthier water for your stock.

Put Our Expertise to Work for Your Operation

AerationTech carries the widest range of proven aeration technologies for aquaculture. Large, small, shallow or deep, let us design a system that maximizes oxygenation, circulation and energy-efficiency.

The first step is shifting your thinking about aeration from “something you do to prevent disaster” to something you do to create a consistently healthy environment for your stock. Given the efficiency of our technologies, we can typically accomplish this for a lower capital cost and a lower operating cost than most surface-aeration technologies.

Go-To Products for Aquaculture

The PumpAerator – Turn any of your currently operating water pumps into a high-efficiency aerator. You double your “bang for the buck” with no added energy expenses.

The AirStream and AirStream Pro – Simply the most efficient aerator/circulators in the world. Hundreds are in operation in aquaculture settings around the world.

The NeptuneCF – For specialty applications where ozonation and super oxygen-saturation are required, the NeptuneCF delivers state-of-the art reliability and cost effectiveness.

Biological Treatment - Our all-natural, non-toxic additives can boost diatom and zooplankton production, reduce phosphorus and nitrogen and even eliminate pathogens.

Contact us at (269) 383-3400 or for expert guidance on selecting the right technology to restore your water body.