Professional Grade Equipment and Expert Guidance for Virtually any Application

Nearly any water body can benefit from enhanced aeration and circulation. If your water body is experiencing excess weed and algae growth; organic muck accumulation and/or odor problems then it is almost certain your water body is starved for oxygen and lacking proper circulation.

We can help you design the right aeration solution for your application – lake, pond, waste water lagoon, aquaculture, golf courses and more. We can do it all because we are not “locked in” to one aeration technology.

At AerationTech we offer the widest range of professional grade equipment combined with expert design capabilities and guidance to ensure you get the best performance and best value to solve your water quality issues.

We invite you to explore our different applications to see the breadth of our capability and experience.


Covering a wide range of waterforms and residential and commercial areas:

  • Lake Front Improvement
  • Marinas, Coves, Canals and Channels
  • Aquaculture Yield and Efficiency
  • Pond Restoration
  • Fishery Improvement and Protection
  • Golf Course Operator
  • Large Lake Restoration
  • Eliminating Taste and Odor Problems in Drinking Water Supply Reservoirs
  • Waste Water Treatment
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