Why AerationTech?

Best Technologies...Best Fit...Best Performance...Best Value...

whole lake aeration

Considering aeration technology? Make sure you ask these questions of any potential aeration-equipment provider...

Do you offer "one-size-fits-all" solutions for any water-body scenario?

Are you convinced that there's one "best" technology - yours?

Will you take the time to figure out which technology is ideal for my particular situation?

Does your equipment have a track record of successful performance over time?

Do you offer performance-based contracts (the true measure of confidence in one's product)?

Any aeration company with just one technology to sell has no choice but to convince you that their technology is “the best.” At AerationTech, we believe the “best” technology is the one that’s a fit for your situation.

Because every water body and application is different, by definition, there’s no single “best” technology. As such, we’ve identified and selected proven, cost-effective aeration technologies from around the globe. Combine that with our expert guidance and field experience, and you start to understand our commitment:

By taking the time to determine the right technology to achieve your objectives, we keep YOU and your unique situation front and center. The result?

Best fit. Best Performance. Best Price.

Field-Proven Technology

The fact that a given aeration technology performs well for a while in a test tank means little. The real key is how it performs in real-world situations, and stands up over time.

All our technologies are field-proven. Through our partner company, Lake Savers, LLC, we have directly managed the aeration of more lakes, reservoirs and ponds than any other organization in North America.

No Results? You Don’t Pay…

As evidence of our rock-solid confidence in our products and people, most AerationTech projects operate under a performance-based contract: If we don’t deliver results, we don’t get paid. As such, we only use and recommend professional-grade equipment that’s been field-tested and field-proven in lakes, reservoirs, ponds and aquaculture operations around the world.

Contact us at 269-330-0925 or info@aerationtech.com for expert guidance on selecting the right aeration technology for your Application.

Professional Products + Professional Guidance = Superior Results

We’ve designed this site with ONE goal: to help you find all the information you need to identify the right solutions for your application. To get started, visit our Aeration Technology page.

That said, there’s no substitute for personal experience and expert guidance. Have questions? Unique concerns? Reach out to us directly by email or phone (269-330-0925) today to speak directly with one of our aeration experts.

Ready to find the right aeration strategy for your application? Review this checklist…

  • What are trying to achieve? Let us help you define your goals and match them to the ideal technology.
  • Remember: Size and depth matter! Different technologies match better with water bodies of different sizes and depths.
  • What logistical constraints need to be considered? Power availability? Noise concerns? Service requirements? Budget?

Visit our Results page, and see what happens when you combine expert guidance with world-class technologies.