About AerationTech

AerationTech is a performance-based, clean-water-technology company partnered with industry pioneer, Lake Savers, LLC. Together, we’re restoring more than 100 large lakes, water supply reservoirs and ponds using natural, sustainable technologies proven effective at reducing nuisance weed growth, harmful algal blooms and organic “muck.”

Thanks to our extensive experience renewing distressed water bodies, we’ve learned several important lessons:

  • Increasing and maintaining dissolved oxygen is the non-negotiable first step in bringing a distressed water body back to life.
  • Though every manufacturer claims to have “the best” aeration technology, fact is, no ONE technology is a fit for all applications.

At AerationTech, we have assembled—from around the globe—the finest tools and technologies for circulating and oxygenating water bodies. Couple that with our extensive knowledge and experience, and it ensures our customers get the highest-performing and most cost-effective technology for their application.

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Contact us at (269) 383-3400 or info@aerationtech.com for expert guidance on selecting the right technology to restore your water body.