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Nearly any water body can benefit from enhanced aeration and circulation. If your water body is experiencing excess weed and algae growth; organic muck accumulation and/or odor problems then it is almost certain your water body is starved for oxygen and lacking proper circulation.

We can help you design the right aeration solution for your application – lake, pond, waste water lagoon, aquaculture, golf courses and more. We can do it all because we're not locked in to one aeration technology. We offer a range of proven solutions tailored to fit your specific need.

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Our Latest Aeration Success Stories

Clearing Up a Drinking-Water Problem

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Bear Gulch Reservoir, Atherton California

The Challenge

Customers of California Water Service Company were complaining of a foul, musty taste to the drinking water coming from Bear Gulch Reservoir in Atherton, California.

The problem was clear (even if the water wasn’t): Harmful blue-green algae growth and excessive organic compounds—caused by years of fertilizer runoff and nutrient loading—were fouling this beautiful water body in the heart of Silicon Valley. Even after treatment in the water plant, these organic components can produce by-products that leave water tasting bad.

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Solving a Major Eurasian Water Milfoil Infestation—Naturally

Friday, May 29, 2015

Our Most Remarkable Eurasian Water Milfoil Success Story to Date

The Challenge

Pickerel Lake is a shallow 140-acre lake in Southwest Michigan. With a maximum depth of only 10 feet, the lake was particularly susceptible to invasive Eurasian Water Milfoil. In 2012, over 85% of the lake was consumed by the thick growth, with milfoil topped all the way to the surface on 70% of the entire lake. The infestation was so heavy that hundreds of frogs were living on top of the weeds with no fear of predation from bass or other game fish.

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